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Burundi - Peaberry

Burundi - Peaberry

Bright, lemon acidity. Subdued chocolate flavor.

Process: Washed

Roast level: Light

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My supplier has run out of this coffee. I have a Tanzanian peaberry on the way.

This is a select micro-lot from the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, Africa. It is a peaberry coffee, meaning the cherry only produced a single seed instead of two. When this happens, the single seed lacks a flat side and is more oval than a typical coffee seed. 

I roast this coffee on the lighter side in order to emphasize its floral and fruity flavors imparted by a double fermentation process (12 hours dry + 24 hours wet). There is a notable, lemony acidity to this coffee that is a result of the fermentation process. 

This coffee is a great illustration of the adage 'specialty coffee is manufactured, not grown.' 

Coffee mug image credit: Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

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