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Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve

Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve

Caramel, honey, fruit, and chocolate

Process: Washed

Roast level:

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Coffees from Panama are some of my favorite and this one is no exception.  It has hints of chocolate, honey, and caramel with bright, tangy notes.  It's a very smooth, enjoyable coffee.  

The roast profile for this bean is a light roast that produces a clean and juicy cup of coffee that is absolutely delicious.  

Carmen Estate is Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning all coffee produced follow the sustainable ecological and socio-economic criteria developed by the Sustainable Agricultural Network, a coalition of independent, environment-focused non-governmental organization. Since 2003, Carmen Estate has placed within the top three of the Rainforest Alliance "Cupping for Quality" Competition.

Preparation Recommendations:  17:1 Water-to-coffee ratio.  Works great with fuller-bodied brewing methods such as a French press or an Able Kone.  

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