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El Salvador Bourbon

El Salvador Bourbon

Balanced chocolate, caramel, with a hint of berries

Process: Natural

Roast level: Medium

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This is an extremely clean, chocolate-forward coffee that will make you want to brew a second pot. It has a medium body, an enjoyable aftertaste that brings you back to the mug, and a very enjoyable, mild acidity that opens up as the coffee cools. 

The surprising aspect of this coffee is that it is a natural-process coffee, but you may not guess it from the taste. You can smell the natural process in the fragrance, just after grinding it and before you add water—there is a notable hint of berries.  Once brewed, this coffee shines with hints of chocolate, almonds, caramel, with a sneaky, subtle, berry sweetness. Balance is the key with this one.

If you enjoyed the Orange Bourbon we previously sold, you'll love this coffee! I chose this coffee specifically to replace the Orange Bourbon.

Coffee hands image credit: Photo by Brodie from Burst

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