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Costa Rica Tarrazu, Santa Elena Estate

Costa Rica Tarrazu, Santa Elena Estate

Milk chocolate and hazelnut, medium-heavy body, citric acidity with a long, enjoyable aftertaste

Process: Washed

Roast level: Medium

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Luz Marina Trujillo, who grew up in a family of coffee producers in Costa Rica's Tarrazú region, now produces some of the finest coffee at her estate, Santa Elena. Here, coffee is grown under shade, and cherries are meticulously hand-picked, de-pulped, washed, and dried, followed by a 30-day "reposo" resting period to enhance flavor. Luz Marina emphasizes sustainability by minimizing synthetic inputs, using a closed-loop composting system with coffee pulp, and maintaining a water treatment system that helps protect the nearby river. She also provides excellent living conditions, health care, and clean drinking water for her workers.

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