Coffee Brewing Tips

Making great coffee is easy, as long as you follow a few basic rules.  These rules apply to any method you use, but I prefer hand methods, such as a ChemexHario V60, etc because I have more control over the process.  Which gadget you use is a personal preference and mostly boils down to your filter preference.  Of all my gadgets, I currently like the Chemex the most because I like a clean, juicy coffee and I find the fuller-bodied coffees to be murky and heavy because of the extra sediment, which also adds a bitter flavor to the coffee.

Regardless of your brewing apparatus, the following rules will always apply:

  1. Use clean, filtered water
  2. Brew with water just off boil (~205°F)
  3. Use only fresh roasted coffee (you're at the right place for that!)
  4. Grind the coffee just before brewing
  5. If using paper filters, use bleached paper filters for less paper taste
  6. Experiment with your coffee-to-water ratio, which should fall in the range of 9 – 11 grams of coffee per 6 fluid ounces of water
Just following these six steps can drastically improve your coffee enjoyment!
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